The client is NOT always right: what they think is the right choice may be biased by external/antiquated/non-efficient notions.

Understand the referential frame for the client’s business:
• history / tradition
• context > target customer / audience
• strengths and weaknesses
• highlights in products and success stories
• philosophy
• marketing strategies
• market needs
• competitors / what makes them unique?
• future plans

You must determine their true needs: the “PAIN POINT” to establish the path to follow. The most important part is to be PRESENT and to record the needs of your client without judgment

Do they need a hybrid website? an App? Social Media? what is the most efficient solution to their problems. It may be a totally different solution from what the client expects. For example, they expect an app for both iPhone and Android, but at the end the client base is too local. There may be integrated community options to address this issue: EX Healow, PetDesk > instead of creating a single app, you join forces with other clients with similar needs.