Basic HTML5, definitions, syntax, examples, text coding, browser particularities. CSS3: Fonts, sizes, colors. Images. Opacity

List of HTML5 Tags:

List of EMOJI codes :

List of CSS Properties:


Image Masks:
horrible web design

GOOGLE FONTS // fontsquirrel // text-wrap: balance;
Search Engine Optimization – meta tags

CSS Font-Size: em vs. px vs. pt vs. percent





Visual Poem Project: transform your favorite poem/text ( at least 20 lines ) into a visual interactive, html project, using basic CSS3, images, fonts, colors. You will create three versions

1) using only words
Lettera / Magoulas / Kampf / Cruz / Kootz / Covington / Teope / Whitesel /

2) using only images: in this case you MUST use CSS animations to tell a story, even a totally experimental narration. You MUST have AT least 10 png/jpg images that are 100% yours, max img size is 300px on its largest side. I will be paying attention to clean transparencies in pngs
WhiteselAnderson / Hood / Teope / Vanlier / Lettera / Althaqafi / Magoulas /

3) using images and text: use CSS animation to tell a story with your own images AND text. Research illustrated novels such as the ones created by Enki Bilal, Hergé (Tintin), Milo Manara, Hugo Pratt (Corto Maltese), Quino (Mafalda), etc.
Barnett / Nordhagen / Bernardini / Teope / Barton / Lettera / Casbar / Vanlier / Whitesel /

all of them with divisions and CSS3 positioning
Cheat sheet for web design
Styling web content with CSS3 = compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more
Opera now webkit
Taming lists



• Video Poem: Using at least 10 personal videos, create an interactive visual layout combining static images, text and cross-platform media with the sole purpose of showcase those clips. Use Miro Video Converter to optimize the clips as MP4, OGV and WEBM. The videos must be maximum 10 seconds, 320px max on their largest side. CSS3 is essential.

Video DOM properties:

Anderson / Dennis / Teope / Vanlier / Whitesel /