You get 2 options:

2) A FAN PAGE FOR A CHOSEN artist, sports team, public figure

Create a personal site in ONE SINGLE PAGE using PARALLAX design, one CSS for the page, homogeneous design. You will determine 5 distinct areas to develop and present in your page (for example bio, discography, gallery, albums, and store, if your selected choice is a singer or performer / these areas will vary highly depending on your selected subject).  It is also called the fan project, because I want you to use one artist, performer, band, director, actor, public figure, team, that you already love and know, so you do not have to spend much time on the research phase – WHICH can be very time consuming. Make sure you use images and media of good quality and large enough (but optimized for the online and web usage) so the page can be treated as a very professional portfolio piece. Pretend that you are the clients of that person/team/character you chose, and you have been hired to develop a promotional site for them.

If you choose someone that is not yourself, you MUST add a disclosure at the end of the site, stating that this is an educational project, and provide proper credits to the authors of the images, videos and animations you will be using.

Student Examples

Kalista / Wiggle / Whitesel / Platetter / Butler / Brown / Lax / Miller / JC Ryan /

OLD FAN PAGES w/o parallax

Gosson / Barton / Lettera / Carleton / Magoulas / Teope / Hopkins